The squishy journey of my poor mangoes

I left Phnom Penh with a box of heavy mangoes, fresh from a farm. They must weigh 10 kg and I miraculously got past check-in even though I didn’t purchase baggage. Three white… Continue reading

The fallacy of chasing one’s passion

I love how in the midst of dilemma, we can still look through the internet to see the journeys traversed by those before us and take their advice. I was reading an inspiring… Continue reading

What travel and volunteer taught me about life and money

A few months ago, I wrote a blog post on leaving the corporate world to volunteer and the experiences it gave me. It was a lot of jumping points for re-thinking one’s life… Continue reading

Happiness through creativity

Gone are the days we sit idly waiting for something or someone. Now we’re connected all the time and everything demands our attention. It’s easy to get so caught up in work, life,… Continue reading

How to get things done without breaking down

Have you ever gone through the experience where you have so much to do; the stress takes over and you end up doing nothing at all? For an idealist like myself especially, I… Continue reading

Why I left the non-profit world

The class was silent as they looked at the orphanage director and myself sitting in front of the classroom. “Kak Bel is leaving the orphanage,” Martin, the orphanage director announced. The kids cried… Continue reading

Orphans are the new donors

Ani, 46, was raised in an orphanage, and now she is back, to send her own son there. “I have no choice,” Ani explained, “My husband passed away and I simply can’t afford… Continue reading

The different flavors of life

“What do you do?” “I volunteer at an orphanage.” My answer usually invites curiosity, slight disbelief or no response. But for the first time today, someone stared at me as if I told… Continue reading

Putting an end to traumatizingly bad education

“I’m so traumatized by English lessons.” The statement came from 16 year old Cekly on the ride to my home from Yayasan Prima Unggul. I have only recently started teaching English on top… Continue reading

The hard truth about giving

I like simplicity. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like material comforts. Of course I do. I like the smell of magazines and books. I like a nice comfortable home, cool air on… Continue reading