Going Home

All my bags are packed. I’m just bringing a few pieces of clothings, my battered old laptop and my ukulele. I suppose I’m starting again by going back to the city of bad traffic, but also my home – Jakarta.

Hopping on TIger Airways. They have cheap tickets from Singapore to Indonesia.

Hopping on Tiger Airways. They have cheap tickets from Singapore to Indonesia.

I’m not sure what lies ahead. I still wake up thinking, oh man, I’m voluntarily unemployed and living off a miserly savings. I feel really fortunate in a way, that I am able to even take this step. I know too many people where this option isn’t even possible.

I don’t think everyday life will be exciting or one big vacation (and it’s not like I have enough $$ to go on crazy vacations). Of course, I hope to be chronicling my activities so I can look back at everything. I want it to be worthwhile and meaningful. I don’t need to save the world or anything, I just want to impact people in my own ways, no matter how small.

On a side note, I’m posting this as I’m back in Indonesia. I honestly thought it would only take me 5 minutes tops to post a blog, and it took me 20 minutes to open an e-mail. Hooray land of slow internet! (Most days the internet is a lot better though) But ah, it’s still good to be home. 🙂