For the Love of Education

One of the students has gone back to NTT and is in the hospital to treat her lungs. She was already undergoing treatment for it in the past, but had hidden her illness and halted her treatment. Everyone had wondered why her cough didn’t get any better, and that’s when they found out.

It’s really heartbreaking. That a young teenage girl would risk so much, so she could attend a quality education offered by Yayasan Prima Unggul (YPU), an entrepreneurship school for orphans. (I have previously written about them here). I hope and pray that she would recover soon so she can join her classmates again. I remember her so well, since she was one of the girls I first set my eyes upon when I first entered the classroom, with the wide smile on her face.

Learning the tricks of the trade

The news motivates me to work even harder and I’m really glad I decided to come back so I can dedicate even more time to YPU. For the past few months, much of the work has mostly been virtual, save the few occasions where I managed to squeeze in a few visits to the school and meetings with the director, Martin, when I visited Indonesia. Martin does so much for his students, and he has nearly sold his own home to provide a home for these students, if not for a last minute donor who had provided a temporary housing for the students. I’m just so glad I can work together with him and assist him.

I was the only one posing for the camera. The others decided to look like they're deep in discussion by pretending there's a worm crawling in the air.

Today, some of the students were apprenticing at a mobile card shop where they sold cell phone balance and talk time. It was pretty interesting to learn some of the processes with them. Martin’s 12-year old son, who had volunteered to join in, got to earn his first few thousand rupiahs today. He’ll be selling a lot more top-up cards hopefully and hit his sales target?

Aside from the awkwardness of not being to talk without being in pain (thanks to a stupid gum infection), today has been a long but fruitful day. All the students have grown so much in character in the past few months, it has just been so inspiring to see. I can’t wait to watch them grow even more. More details to be updated in YPU’s website. Much work needs be done. 🙂


New students! THEY.ARE.SO.CUTE!!