Day 10 in Thailand

The past 10 days has been hectic and wildly exciting at the same time.

When I landed on Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport, the immigration line was strangely short and I got through hassle free. Then I met up with other members of the first Asia Youth Forum team and boarded the bus for Pattaya, where we would stay at the Thammasat University Learning Campus.

The shock of the workload came and my media team partner Cindi and I got to work interviewing the trainers and writing up their profiles. When the participants arrived and the Karl Popper Debate Championship started, I did more interviews with all sorts of wonderful young people and coaches from Cambodia, Nepal, Laos, Palestine, Pakistan, Vietnam etc.

The media team head, Vanitha, my journalism trainer from the 2011 media camp in Chiang Mai, guided me in all my writings and has proven to be a great mentor with her experience as a sub-editor for the Star in Malaysia.

Needless to say, I’ve made so many amazing friends and it’s really not all about work. We held an entertaining culture night where I got to see costumes and traditional dances from many different countries and sampled food of all kinds (The chocolate lover in me squealed in delight at the Slovakian chocolate bars one of the trainers brought yum yum!).

Superbly embarrassing

The other Indonesians and I performed Iwak Peyek, a Dangdut song from Indonesia. It was most embarrassing and the audience couldn’t stop laughing at the ridiculous looking movements we were doing (We were doing more of a robo dangdut than dangdut).

We also had talent night where many participants showcased their talent. I played on my ukulele and my girlfriends did a fake Hawaiian dance along with the audience.

Of course, the late night swimming, beer, and other exciting things continue. To see photos and keep up with updates and articles I wrote, do check out the AYF 2012 website.