How to overcome shyness and have a great time

What the hell was I doing here?

It was Friday night; my one month in Thailand had made me restless. I was alone in a hotel lounge I’ve never been to before in Singapore, an orange juice in hand. (I’ve had enough of beer in Thailand) People were sitting in groups; I’ve never done this before, but here goes nothing.

I approached a table with an empty chair and asked if I could join them. They looked surprised, but acquiesced. Being clumsy as usual, I placed my glass on the table a tad bit too hard, creating a loud “ching” that shocked everyone. A sheepish smile, though I was so used to things like that happening I didn’t feel even half embarrassed, I sat myself down. Then we just talked.

After police chased us off twice in Bangkok, I thought the same would happen in Chiang Mai. But this guy just tapped along to the music!

I wouldn’t have the guts to do all this a year ago. Go out of the way just to talk to strangers, are you positively out of your mind? Not to mention I’ve gone so far as to singing on the streets of Thailand for fun (we got 10 baht!) without feeling a hint of reservation (probably because my friends were with me).

For as long as I can remember, I have always been incredibly shy. I kept private blogs and kept to myself for the most part. I would be too shy to look people in the eye or do anything out of the ordinary. I was the quiet kid in class who didn’t dare to raise up my hands to ask any questions.

What happened?

I think forcing myself out of the comfort zone helped. I wasn’t always comfortable, I didn’t always want to do everything I did. There’s always a degree of apprehension when you do everything alone.

But each time I push myself to go talk to someone, ask them if they need help, or go to someplace I’ve never been before, explore and look at things at a new perspective – strangers become friends, the unfamiliar becomes exciting.

It won’t always be pleasant. There are times when I feel awkward or out of place, but in the end, I always agree that overall it was great fun!

So go out, travel, talk to people, volunteer, be part of something, do something you’ve never done before, do something crazy, always be kind and smile. 🙂