The hard truth about giving

I like simplicity. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like material comforts. Of course I do. I like the smell of magazines and books. I like a nice comfortable home, cool air on a hot day, warm toasty feet on a cold day. I like gadgets that make life simpler. I like truffle fries, a nice glass of beer and quality cheese pizza and a group of friends to share them with.

And there isn’t any of that that doesn’t require something called money.

I’ve recently dedicated more time to the orphanage school – Yayasan Prima Unggul. I stay there for a few days every week, teaching and doing marketing. And I love it, I truly do. The highlights of my week are there; from waking up in the morning seeing the kids right away to practicing Karate with them during their class.

Because of that, I’ve rejected even more interview offers and additional paying side teaching jobs. I’m even giving up a road trip around the US.

Let’s be realistic, I’m no saint. I don’t volunteer for the sake of volunteering. Most of my friends probably have more compassion than I do. I do look at the value of the things I do, and honestly, while it doesn’t pay, I love every moment of my volunteer work, I believe I am learning a lot from it and growing myself, and I wholeheartedly believe it has a great impact – so I’m not working for nothing in that sense.

And it’s only at times like this when you learn the true value of giving. If you have plenty of something, giving wouldn’t be such a difficult thing now would it? True giving lies in having limited resources and still sharing them. That includes one’s time and money. And it’s the one that gives you real joy, trust me.

Everyone has their own difficult situations. For me, opening my wallet is usually always accompanied with great reluctance. Switching out chocolate milkshake for plain water puts a little frowny face in my brain, but then buying it for someone else to enjoy about puts ten smiley faces in its place. 🙂

In the meantime, don’t forget to have some fun!