Happiness through creativity

Gone are the days we sit idly waiting for something or someone. Now we’re connected all the time and everything demands our attention. It’s easy to get so caught up in work, life, social media that we forget to enjoy simple little things like creativity.

The game characters. We took existing film characters and also made a couple of our own.

The game characters. We took existing film characters and also made a couple of our own.

Yesterday, I visited my friend to help her with an assignment for her special needs education course. The assignment was to make a simple maths activity to help special needs children understand basic maths or shapes. We wanted to make something that was fun and not overly complicated and a board game it is!

The last time I made a board game was years ago. It took me a week and I created game pieces from paper pulp and painted them. But since time was a constraint, we made a simple one on drawing paper.

The game premise is simple. Players have to learn to recognize shapes and learn to count by drawing a card from the deck and moving to the nearest shape shown on their card. To make it more interesting, we created starting characters the children could play as using images from the internet. The children can then traverse through the board to reach the princess in the tower. Perils and rewards lie along the way, such as a poison apple or a magic sword.

It's time to color!

It’s time to color!

I had forgotten the joys of coloring and outlining with a marker. I felt like a 7 year old again! We hand drew the board and later added in landmarks using images from the internet and giving them names such as “Mushroom Woods”, “Fairy land” etc. We printed the shapes card deck using regular printer paper and cut them.

End result: A beautiful board game, satisfaction and happiness. Hope the kids who get to test out this game would enjoy it!