Photopost: A day measured in Smiles

Children giggling and laughing. Following the camera everywhere and trying to outdo the rest in face time. These are some of the faces of Kampung Asem (literally: Sour village – due to the… Continue reading

Everyday is a blessing

I was sitting by the dining table and checking my phone when a “BOOM” sound came from the kitchen. I paused, still rather calm. Loud noises were extraordinarily commonplace in my neighborhood, from… Continue reading

Why I travel

In the last few months, I have sang solo on the street for fun in multiple countries, made a fool of myself dancing the Dangdut (type of Indonesian music) in front of 200… Continue reading

The future of Southeast Asia

“We’re sorry. The service is not yet available in your country.” It is not uncommon to find many Southeast Asian countries not listed within the services areas of large western corporations. Growing up,… Continue reading

A place called home

A little panic sets in. I’ve just returned from the Philippines, straight after Thailand and Singapore, which means I’ve been away for two months. I haven’t stopped thinking about how to make a… Continue reading

How to overcome shyness and have a great time

What the hell was I doing here? It was Friday night; my one month in Thailand had made me restless. I was alone in a hotel lounge I’ve never been to before in… Continue reading

Day 10 in Thailand

The past 10 days has been hectic and wildly exciting at the same time. When I landed on Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport, the immigration line was strangely short and I got through hassle free.… Continue reading

Can We Hope for a Socially and Environmentally Responsible Tourism in Indonesia?

Two weeks ago, I met with a group of orphanage representatives from Flores, NTT (Nusa Tenggara Timur) region of Indonesia. They have brought over some souvenirs: corn chips made by the orphanage students… Continue reading

What Dreams are Made Of

It was a night of self-introspection, something which I (secretly, well not so secret anymore now) enjoy. During my childhood and teenage years, I could be said to be a dreamer living in… Continue reading


One night, in my frustration, I lamented to a friend, “How do you get rich quickly? I want to amass a hell lot of money; there are just so many causes I want… Continue reading