In My Life

The sad and nostalgic thing about growing older is that you will meet more and more people you care about, some of whom you may not have a chance to encounter again. As one… Continue reading

Just Do It, Take Action!

“Just do it! Start something! Even if it’s not perfect.” I heard these words of advice while I was visiting Drum Publications in Kanchanaburi, Thailand, where some of my friends are working at.… Continue reading

Karo, Citizenship Education and the Spirit of Aron

Indonesia has changed. Sovereignty is now in the hands of the people. And yet many citizens still take the standpoint of choosing not to involve themselves in politics because it’s “dirty”. This mindset is… Continue reading


One of the best things I love about my current lifestyle is the people I get to meet. I’ve met so many wonderful people in the past few months that I wouldn’t otherwise… Continue reading

Doing Good in Jakarta: A place you can’t miss!

We spent the morning practicing the skit and laughing at ourselves. My friend, Hui Bing (a special needs teacher), was visiting Jakarta from Singapore. As with any other person coming or living in… Continue reading

An Indonesian in Indonesia

I recently went for an interview to take a teaching English course in South Jakarta. It took 2 (and sometimes 2 and a half hours) to get to, and I decided that since… Continue reading

Up Close with the Animals in Taman Safari

I fondly remember my family’s weekend or holiday trips to the Puncak area, a mountaineos region in West Java, just a little past Bogor. Usually a three hours drive away from Jakarta, all… Continue reading

Voices: Which ones do you listen to in life?

I wanted to cry for so many reasons. You know the feeling where you’re at a point where you made a decision you feel good about, but suddenly receive feedback that somehow your… Continue reading

Help a Town in Burma: Here’s How

If you’ve always wanted to help the Burmese people, but am not sure how, this is your chance. Many countries have placed sanction on Burma because of the lack of transparency in where… Continue reading

For the Love of Education

One of the students has gone back to NTT and is in the hospital to treat her lungs. She was already undergoing treatment for it in the past, but had hidden her illness… Continue reading