Lawmakers in Indonesia can’t function because of …THE MINISKIRT?!

“Don’t wear miniskirts to work” – That seems like an unspoken internal company policy of sorts, but what sort of message and rationale comes across to the public when the parliament itself drafts… Continue reading

An unnecessary necessary post: Why do I even have to explain that maid are humans?

I came across these comments (see image) while following some tweets by my friend, Kirsten, on the recent debate on the mandatory weekly day off for domestic workers in Singapore. It was quite… Continue reading

Gado-gado, Tahu Gejrot and other Indonesian food

One of the best things about being home is the food. There is such a wide variety of Indonesian food I’m always in for a treat. ┬áIt’s quite strange no matter how hard… Continue reading

Bringing Peace to the Heart of Strangers

I was surprised to see a young girl lying on the hospital bed. The previous patients we had seen were all in their 70s and up. She looked to be in her early… Continue reading

Going Home

All my bags are packed. I’m just bringing a few pieces of clothings, my battered old laptop and my ukulele. I suppose I’m starting again by going back to the city of bad… Continue reading